Commit 91025bec authored by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen's avatar Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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Adding path to Qt platforms folder to start app from VS

parent 36953450
......@@ -120,6 +120,7 @@ target_link_libraries( Redstart ${VISTA_USE_PACKAGE_LIBRARIES} ${VISTAINTERPROCC
install( TARGETS Redstart RUNTIME DESTINATION "bin" )
vista_add_pathscript_dynamic_lib_path( "${_qt5Core_install_prefix}/bin/" )
vista_add_pathscript_dynamic_lib_path( "${_qt5Core_install_prefix}/plugins/" )
vista_configure_app( Redstart )
vista_install( Redstart )
vista_create_default_info_file( Redstart )
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