Commit adcd587d authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer
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Atmospheric Ray Tracing - RayGrid

- added function to create copy with new rays
parent 4d31ba4a
......@@ -87,6 +87,9 @@ namespace ITAPropagationPathSim
* If the ray is not part of this ray grid, this will be empty.
void SetToNeighboringRays(const std::shared_ptr<CRay>& pRay);
//! Creates a ray grid with the same initial ray directions but new rays
CRayGrid NewRays() const;
class ITA_PROPAGATION_PATH_SIM_API CEquiangularRayDistribution : public CRayGrid
......@@ -116,6 +116,11 @@ void CRayGrid::SetToNeighboringRays(const std::shared_ptr<CRay>& pRay)
*this = GetNeighboringRays(pRay);
CRayGrid CRayGrid::NewRays() const
return CRayGrid(v3SourcePos, vdThetaDeg, vdPhiDeg, bCircularPhi);
#pragma endregion
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