Commit 73ef67c1 authored by Armin Erraji's avatar Armin Erraji
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Added boolean bDiffractionOnlyIntoShadowRegion in CombinedModelTest.

parent 86358390
......@@ -83,8 +83,8 @@ int main( int iNumInArgs, char* pcInArgs[] )
ITAStopWatch sw; sw.start();
auto pPathEngine = make_shared<CombinedModel::CPathEngine>(pMeshModelList,true);
bool bDiffractionOnlyIntoShadowRegion = true;
auto pPathEngine = make_shared<CombinedModel::CPathEngine>(pMeshModelList, bDiffractionOnlyIntoShadowRegion);
cout << "Calculation time initialization path engine: " << timeToString(sw.stop()) << endl;
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