Commit 508b4120 authored by Armin Erraji's avatar Armin Erraji

Adjusted EdgeRange and FaceRange to new openMesh version

parent 69fd2007
......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@ void CDiffractionPath::ConstructDiffractionMatrix()
for(auto &pMeshModel : m_vpMeshModelList)
CITAMesh* pCurrentMesh = pMeshModel->GetMesh()->pMesh;
CITAMesh::ConstEdgeRange hCurrentMeshEdges = pCurrentMesh->edges();
CITAMesh::ConstEdgeRangeSkipping hCurrentMeshEdges = pCurrentMesh->edges();
//Create diffraction edges for all edges used as keys in matrix
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ bool CDiffractionPath::IsEdgeIlluminated(const CITAMesh& oEdgeMesh, const CITAMe
//Current Mesh of current and its face handles
CITAMesh* pCurrentMesh = pMeshModel->GetMesh()->pMesh;
CITAMesh::ConstFaceRange hFaces = pCurrentMesh->faces();
CITAMesh::ConstFaceRangeSkipping hFaces = pCurrentMesh->faces();
for (CITAMesh::FaceHandle const &hFace : hFaces)
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