Commit 13ba1068 authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer
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ART - ToPropagationPath

- now adds spreading loss to receiver anchor
- added function to convert multiple rays to propagation path list
parent f1da5c4b
......@@ -64,10 +64,26 @@ namespace ITAPropagationPathSim
propagationPath.push_back(std::make_shared<ITAGeo::CInhomogeneity>(position, wavefrontNormal, ray[idx].timeStamp));
propagationPath.push_back( std::make_shared<ITAGeo::CSensorInhomogeneous>(position, wavefrontNormal, ray.LastTimeStamp()) );
auto pReceiver = std::make_shared<ITAGeo::CSensorInhomogeneous>(position, wavefrontNormal, ray.LastTimeStamp());
pReceiver->dSpreadingLoss = ray.SpreadingLoss();
return propagationPath;
ITAGeo::CPropagationPathList ToPropagationPath(const std::vector<std::shared_ptr<CRay>>& vpRays)
ITAGeo::CPropagationPathList propagationPathList;
for each (std::shared_ptr<CRay> pRay in vpRays)
if (!pRay)
propagationPathList.push_back( ToPropagationPath(*pRay) );
return propagationPathList;
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