Fixing an naming typo of JSON key

parent f51cbf02
......@@ -443,7 +443,7 @@ std::stringstream ITAGeo::CMirrorImage::ToJSON( std::shared_ptr< const ITAGeo::C
//Set mirror normal array
JSONNode jnNormalArray(JSON_ARRAY);
//Set the mirror normal nodes
double dX, dY, dZ, dW;
......@@ -926,10 +926,10 @@ void ITAGeo::CPropagationPath::LoadFromJSONString(const std::string& sContent, s
sIdentifier ="identifier").as_string();
//Get the propagation anchors of the path
JSONNode jnPropagationAnchors ="propagation anchors").as_array();
JSONNode jnPropagationAnchors ="propagation_anchors").as_array();
for each (JSONNode jnAnchor in jnPropagationAnchors)
CPropagationAnchor::EAnchorType eAnchorType = CPropagationAnchor::ParseAnchorType("anchor type").as_string());
CPropagationAnchor::EAnchorType eAnchorType = CPropagationAnchor::ParseAnchorType("anchor_type").as_string());
switch (eAnchorType)
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