Resolved conflict in header file of mesh model

parent a42b7195
......@@ -23,9 +23,12 @@
#include <ITAGeo/Base.h>
#include <ITAGeo/Definitions.h>
#include <ITAGeo/ModelBase.h>
#include <ITAGeo/Material/Manager.h>
// STL includes
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
// Forwards
struct ITA_GEO_API CITAMeshPtr;
......@@ -210,7 +213,93 @@ namespace ITAGeo
CITAMeshPtr* m_prModelMeshData; // CITAMesh pointer
class ITA_GEO_API CMeshModelList : public std::vector < std::shared_ptr<CMeshModel> >
// Public member functions
//! Get the mesh model
inline Halfedge::CMeshModelShared GetMeshModel(int index) const
return this->at(index);
//! Get the mesh model
inline Halfedge::CMeshModelShared GetMeshModel(std::string sName) const
return GetMeshModel(;
//! Load mesh list data from another mesh list
void CopyFrom(const CMeshModelList& vpMeshModelList);
//! Get the number of meshes
inline int GetNumMeshes() const
return (int)this->size();
//! Loads mesh list data from given file path
* Loads SketchUp file with meshes as groups
* @param[in] sMeshModelFilePath File path to mesh model, e.g. skp or gml file
* @param[in] bLoadTopLevelMesh Load the top level mesh
* @note Throws ITAException (i.e. if file not found)
* @return True, if model file can be translated into a scene
bool Load(const std::string& sMeshModelFilePath, bool bLoadTopLevelMesh = true);
//! Saves mesh model data to given file path
* @param[in] sMeshModelFilePath File path where to store urban model
* @param[in] bOverwrite Permit overwriting of eventually existing file
* @note Throws ITAException (i.e. if file could not be written)
* @return True, if file could be exported
bool Store(const std::string& sMeshModelFilePath, bool bOverwrite = true) const;
//! Filters the visible paths
* @param[in] oPathListIn input path list that contains paths to be filtered
* @param[out] oPathListOut output path list that contains the filtered paths
void FilterVisiblePaths(CPropagationPathList& oPathListIn, CPropagationPathList& oPathListOut) const;
//! Sets the material manager for this model
* On Loading a model, the associated material manager will be populated with the materials from
* the input file.
* @param[in] pMaterialManager Associated material manager (with write access)
inline void SetMaterialManager(std::shared_ptr<ITAGeo::Material::IManager> pMaterialManager)
//Set material of each element
for (auto& pMeshModel : *this)
//Also set material manager of list
m_pMaterialManager = pMaterialManager;
// Private member variables
size_t m_numFaces = 0; //!< Number of faces of all meshes
std::shared_ptr< ITAGeo::Material::IManager> m_pMaterialManager; //!< Associated material manager (where to add materials during load)
std::map<std::string, int> m_mapMeshNameToIndex; //!< Map to associate mesh names with indices of meshes (to get the corresponding map by its name)
// Private member functions
bool IsPathVisible(const CPropagationPath& oPath) const;
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