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Fixing merge stupidity

parent c283da2e
......@@ -29,80 +29,6 @@
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
<<<<<<<<< Temporary merge branch 1
#include <fstream>
#include <ITANetAudioProtocol.h>
#include <VistaInterProcComm/Concurrency/VistaThreadLoop.h>
#include <ITASampleFrame.h>
class ITADatasource;
class CITANetAudioMessage;
class CITANetAudioProtocol;
class CITANetAudioServer;
class CITANetAudioMessage;
class VistaTCPSocket;
//! Network audio sample server (for connecting a net audio stream)
* Audio sample transmitter for a networked signal source that can connect via TCP/IP.
* \sa CITANetAudioStream
* \note not thread-safe
class ITA_DATA_SOURCES_API CITANetAudioStreamingServer : public VistaThreadLoop
enum UpdateStrategy
AUTO = 1, //!< Automatic update rate based on sample rate and block length of client (default)
ADAPTIVE, //!< Adaptive update rate, adjusts for drifting clocks
CONSTANT, //!< Set a user-defined update rate (may cause forced pausing of sample feeding or dropouts on client side)
virtual ~CITANetAudioStreamingServer() {};
bool Start( const std::string& sAddress, int iPort );
bool IsClientConnected() const;
std::string GetNetworkAddress() const;
int GetNetworkPort() const;
bool LoopBody();
void Stop();
void SetInputStream( ITADatasource* pInStream );
int GetNetStreamBlocklength() const;
int GetNetStreamNumberOfChannels() const;
double GetNetStreamSampleRate() const;
void SetAutomaticUpdateRate();
ITADatasource* GetInputStream() const;
CITANetAudioServer* m_pNetAudioServer;
ITASampleFrame m_sfTempTransmitBuffer;
ITADatasource* m_pInputStream;
VistaConnectionIP* m_pConnection;
CITANetAudioProtocol::StreamingParameters m_oServerParams;
CITANetAudioMessage* m_pIncomingMessage;
CITANetAudioMessage* m_pOutgoingMessage;
int m_iUpdateStrategy;
int m_iClientRingBufferFreeSamples;
friend class CITANetAudioServer;
#include <fstream>
class ITADatasource;
class CITANetAudioMessage;
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ const static int g_iTargetLatencySamples = g_iBlockLength * 4;
const static int g_iRingerBufferCapacity = g_iBlockLength * 10;
const static double g_dDuration = 10.0f;
const static double g_dSyncTimout = 0.001f;
const static bool g_bUseASIO = true;
static bool g_bUseASIO = true;
//const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO MADIface USB";
//const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO4ALL v2";
const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO Hammerfall DSP";
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ public:
: CITASampleProcessor( g_iChannels, g_dSampleRate, g_iBlockLength )
inline void Process( const ITAStreamInfo* pStreamInfo )
inline void Process( const ITAStreamInfo* )
for( size_t c = 0; c < m_vvfSampleBuffer.size(); c++ )
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