Commit 7d591483 authored by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen's avatar Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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Adding Matlab eval script for TO filter bank

parent 7272e777
%% ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest evaluation Matlab script
% Loads the results of filterbanks from the test ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest
% Requires ITA Toolbox, see
ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_Identity = ita_read( 'ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_Identity.wav' );
ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_Zeros = ita_read( 'ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_Zeros.wav' );
ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_SomeBands = ita_read( 'ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_SomeBands.wav' );
ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_Identity.channelNames = { 'Identity' };
ITADSPThirdOctaveFilterbankTest_IIR_Zeros.channelNames = { 'Zero' };
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