Commit f9dde627 authored by Jonas Stienen's avatar Jonas Stienen
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Updating refs

parent cc9811aa
......@@ -41,10 +41,8 @@ set( ITA_CORE_LIBS_COMMON_BUILD TRUE )
add_subdirectory( ITABase )
add_subdirectory( ITAFFT )
add_subdirectory( ITADSP )
add_subdirectory( ITASampler )
add_subdirectory( ITADataSources )
add_subdirectory( ITAConvolution )
add_subdirectory( ITADSP )
add_subdirectory( ITACTC )
add_subdirectory( ITASampler )
Subproject commit c74d9f0c6a09edcb3f53053bb2973bc880ea79f7
Subproject commit 3e4b5e97577494abccab88106501c7f992c6ce72
Subproject commit c395e918d08cf2235ab924d31f0f43eb23db3b9c
Subproject commit 0ed9d157cbc89240da33292eaf76414df1169bf1
Subproject commit a26509d48608f974af6f67300077c4eb1d46119a
Subproject commit 5be6c92912ef9579a2f829d781f75f1d21d43f20
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