Commit 35aedce8 authored by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen's avatar Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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adding submodules

[submodule "ITABase"]
path = ITABase
url =
[submodule "ITAConvolution"]
path = ITAConvolution
url =
[submodule "ITACTC"]
path = ITACTC
url =
[submodule "ITADataSources"]
path = ITADataSources
url =
[submodule "ITAFFT"]
path = ITAFFT
url =
Subproject commit 02c7e29250859bd0511c6492bcf16235e771f0aa
Subproject commit b41415fb62e410fb60666ee60f3afe0b004057e9
Subproject commit 13feac6817918e24d1dce781d368fb7fe4f2ebc1
Subproject commit c14c1c73edfbe95fd37d2ba2a56bb4be6996895c
Subproject commit 01c250d1207a518f31fb803661586dade28cc51b
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