Commit b72e5aea authored by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen's avatar Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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Wrong type for double infinity constants

parent 97e1897e
......@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ namespace ITAConstants
// Log-scale limits
static float INFINITY_F = std::numeric_limits< float >::infinity();
static float MINUS_INFINITY_F = -std::numeric_limits< float >::infinity();
static float INFINITY_D = std::numeric_limits< double >::infinity();
static float MINUS_INFINITY_D = -std::numeric_limits< double >::infinity();
static double INFINITY_D = std::numeric_limits< double >::infinity();
static double MINUS_INFINITY_D = -std::numeric_limits< double >::infinity();
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