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Applying namespace changes to tests

parent aa488f05
......@@ -119,21 +119,21 @@ namespace ITABase
* There is no real difference between a factor and a gain except that gains are commonly used in DSP (i.e. for "gain" control
* of audio signal channels) and factors are more common in acoustic materials such as absorption and transmission "factor".
typedef CThirdOctaveGainMagnitudeSpectrum CITAThirdOctaveFactorMagnitudeSpectrum;
typedef CThirdOctaveGainMagnitudeSpectrum CThirdOctaveFactorMagnitudeSpectrum;
//! A decibel magnitude spectrum with values that have been transformed into logarithmic scale. Values are mostly between -\infinity and 0, but can also exceed.
class CITAThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum : public CThirdOctaveMagnitudeSpectrum
class CThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum : public CThirdOctaveMagnitudeSpectrum
inline CITAThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum()
inline CThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum()
: CThirdOctaveMagnitudeSpectrum()
virtual ~CITAThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum() {};
virtual ~CThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum() {};
inline void SetIdentity()
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
#include <stdio.h>
using namespace std;
using namespace ITABase;
void test_third_octave_spectrum();
void test_db_to_ration();
......@@ -27,7 +28,7 @@ int main( int, char** )
void test_db_to_ration()
CITAThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio;
CThirdOctaveDecibelMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio;
oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio.SetName( "Test unit decibel magnitude spectrum to ratio" );
......@@ -47,7 +48,7 @@ void test_db_to_ration()
void test_ratio_to_db()
CITAThirdOctaveFactorMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio;
CThirdOctaveFactorMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio;
oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio.SetName( "Test unit factor spectrum to db" );
oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio.SetValueUnit( "(gain)" );
oTOSpectrumConvertToRatio.SetZero(); // all zeros
......@@ -71,14 +72,14 @@ void test_ratio_to_db()
void test_third_octave_spectrum()
CITAThirdOctaveGainMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumIdent;
CThirdOctaveGainMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumIdent;
oTOSpectrumIdent.SetName( "Test unit gain magnitude spectrum" );
cout << "Third octave gain magnitude spectrum identity:" << endl;
cout << oTOSpectrumIdent << endl;
CITAThirdOctaveGainMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumZero;
CThirdOctaveGainMagnitudeSpectrum oTOSpectrumZero;
oTOSpectrumZero.SetName( "Test unit zero spectrum" );
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