Commit 4effa1fe authored by Armin Erraji's avatar Armin Erraji
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Changed parameter name from oOtherSpetrum to oOtherSpectrum.

parent 5f3a36b2
......@@ -76,10 +76,10 @@ public:
void Add( const float fSummand );
//! Element-wise addition
void Add( const CITASpectrum& oOtherSpetrum );
void Add( const CITASpectrum& oOtherSpectrum );
//! Element-wise subtraction
void Sub(const CITASpectrum& oOtherSpetrum);
void Sub(const CITASpectrum& oOtherSpectrum);
//! Compare equality of values (ignores center frequencies, but requires matching number of bands)
bool CompareEqualValues( const CITASpectrum& oOtherSpectrum, const float fThreshold = 10.0e-10 ) const;
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