Commit 275a500f authored by Jonas Stienen's avatar Jonas Stienen
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Re-ordering vista_use_package with last command to find deps (necessary? i dunno)

parent 1762c367
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ list( APPEND CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "$ENV{VISTA_CMAKE_COMMON}" )
include( VistaCommon )
# dependencies
vista_use_package( VistaCoreLibs REQUIRED FIND_DEPENDENCIES COMPONENTS VistaBase VistaInterProcComm VistaTools )
vista_use_package( VistaCoreLibs REQUIRED COMPONENTS VistaBase VistaInterProcComm VistaTools FIND_DEPENDENCIES )
vista_use_package( sndfile )
vista_use_package( IPP QUIET )
vista_use_package( PCRE QUIET )
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