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# Storm-bn
Storm-bn s a prototypical tool for the analysis of (parametric) Bayesian networks. It presents alternative techniques for (a) inference on classical Bayesian networks in which all probabilities are fixed, and for (b) parameter synthesis problems when conditional probability tables (CPTs) in such networks contain symbolic variables rather than concrete probabilities. The key idea is to exploit probabilistic model checking as well as its recent extension to parameter synthesis techniques thereof for parametric Markov chains. To enable this, the (parametric) Bayesian networks are transformed into (parametric) Markov chains and their objectives are mapped onto probabilistic temporal logic formulas (PCTL).
(a) Given the Bayesian network B (and the evidence E), our tool-chain enables computing the inference probabilities for the given queries.
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To access the tool easier, download the Docker image and open it using docker software. We have tested everything using 8GB of RAM.
##Subdirectories Description:
## Subdirectories Description:
Storm-bn-transformer: this is the (p)BN2(p)MC transformer on top of Storm that takes (parametric) Bayesian networks in BIF format and translates them into the Jani specification.
The package supports two types of translations:
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