Commit 0b8c8d27 authored by Hans Vrapi's avatar Hans Vrapi
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add updated bash file

parent d7d3ea4b
......@@ -15,29 +15,15 @@ g++ scripts/experiment.cpp -o experiment
./experiment $flag
cd generated_plots
pdflatex ../latex_source/pso_gd.tex > /dev/null
rm pso_gd.aux
rm pso_gd.log
pdflatex ../latex_source/qcqp_gd.tex > /dev/null
rm qcqp_gd.aux
rm qcqp_gd.log
pdflatex ../latex_source/hailfinder_feasibility.tex > /dev/null
rm hailfinder_feasibility.aux
rm hailfinder_feasibility.log
pdflatex ../latex_source/hepar2_feasibility.tex > /dev/null
rm hepar2_feasibility.aux
rm hepar2_feasibility.log
pdflatex ../latex_source/alarm_feasibility.tex > /dev/null
rm alarm_feasibility.aux
rm alarm_feasibility.log
pdflatex ../latex_source/sachs_feasibility.tex > /dev/null
rm sachs_feasibility.aux
rm sachs_feasibility.log
declare -a plots=("pso_gd" "qcqp_gd" "hailfinder_feasibility" "hepar2_feasibility" "alarm_feasibility" "sachs_feasibility")
# Read the array values with space
for plot in "${plots[@]}"; do
pdflatex ../latex_source/$plot.tex > /dev/null
rm $plot.aux
rm $plot.log
cd ..
rm experiment
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