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......@@ -1479,6 +1479,7 @@ System in charge of delivering the energy inside the building, from the place
of energy production to the place of end-use. Power and Thermal distribution
systems are differentiated. They all share a `distributionPerimeter` that is
described by the `DistributionType` and a `serviceLife` described by the `ServiceLife` type.
Each `EnergyDemand` can have maximum one `EnergyDistributionSystem`.
### Distribution Type
......@@ -1502,23 +1503,30 @@ Type for electrical distribution systems, described by `current` and `voltage`.
### MediumType
This list is a collection of medium types as air and water.
This enumeration list is a collection of medium types:
- `Air`
- `Steam`
- `Water`
### ServiceLife
Type to describe the service life for lifecycle analysis.
### StorageSystem
System storing energy. A same storage may store the energy of different
end-users and different end uses. Power and Thermal storage systems are
differentiated, all share a service life described by `ServiceLife` type. An `EnergyDemand` can have several `StorageSystems`.
### ThermalStorageSystem
Thermal storages with a medium, preparation temperature, thermal losses factor
and a volume.
Thermal storages with a `medium` of `MediumType`, `preparationTemperature`, `thermalLossesFactor`
and a `volume`of type `Volume`.
### PowerStorageSystem
Electrical storages with an electrical capacity and a string to describe the
battery technology.
Electrical storages with a string to describe the `batteryTechnology` and a `powerCapacity`.
## Energy conversion
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