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Small modifications in the EnergyConversionSystem description

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......@@ -1547,7 +1547,7 @@ energy conversion.
(`efficiencyIndicator`, `installedNominalPower`, `nominalEfficiency`
(in reference to an efficiency indicator)) and general properties
(`yearOfManufacture`, `model` (name of the model), `number` (a serial number),
`productAndInstallationDocument` (a reference to productor installation documents
`productAndInstallationDocument` (a reference to manufacturer's installation documents
and optionally refurbishment measures) and `refurbishmentMeasureOnEnergySystem`).
They may be one or more (in this case, the nominal installed power corresponds to
the totality).
......@@ -1634,6 +1634,23 @@ substations. Adds attributes for network ID and network node ID.
Subtype of `EnergyConversionSystem` for heat pumps to add carnot efficiency and
heat source. Heat source is described using a `HeatSourceType`.
In the following example, a 5 kW heat pump is described with a technical efficiency of 0.4 and a carnot efficiency defined between the source and target temperatures 2°C and 35°C. The heat pump depicted satisfies the EnergyDemand.
<!--Heat pump satisfying an EnergyDemand -->
<energy:installedNominalPower uom="W">5000</energy:installedNominalPower>
<energy:nominalEfficiency uom="ratio">0.4</energy:nominalEfficiency>
### HeatSourceType
List of heat source types for heat pumps, e.g. ambient air, aquifer and exhaust
......@@ -1657,7 +1674,21 @@ describing the technology type.
### Boiler
Subtype of `EnergyConversionSystem` for boiler. Defines if it is a condensation
boiler or not.
boiler or not. The following example defines a 5 kW condensation gas boiler with an efficiency of 96%.
<!--Boiler satisfying an EnergyDemand -->
<energy:installedNominalPower uom="W">5000</energy:installedNominalPower>
<energy:nominalEfficiency uom="ratio">0.96</energy:nominalEfficiency>
### SolarEnergySystem
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