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......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ This document is intended to explain the characteristics and purposes of each mo
![Class diagram of Building Physics Module](fig/BuildingPhysics_onlyFeature.png)
...and its types and codelists
![Types and Codelists of Building Physics Module](fig/BuildingPhysics_onlyTypesAndCodelists.png)
Main purpose of this module is building thermal modeling (e.g. calculation of space heating and space cooling demands).
......@@ -1073,6 +1074,8 @@ comparison with `SolidMaterial`.
# Occupancy Module
![Class diagram of Occupancy Module](fig/Occupancy_withoutCodelist.png)
...and its enumeration and codelists
![Codelists of Occupancy Module](fig/Occupancy_OnlyCodelists.png)
The Occupancy Module contains the detailed characterization of the building
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