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Work on Thermal Component definition

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......@@ -570,11 +570,10 @@ explicit geometry are given.
A `ThermalComponent` object is a part of the thermal boundary corresponding to
a homogeneous construction component (e.g. windows, wall, insulated part of a
wall etc.). Each `ThermalComponent` is characterized with their `Area`,
information whether it is coupled to ground (`isGroundCoupled`) and exposed to
sun (`isSunExposed`).
wall etc.) and either entirely above or below the terrain.
Each `ThermalComponent` must be characterized with its `Area`, and its position relative to the Terrain (attribute `relativeToTerrain` which it inherits from `_CityObject`).
Since `ThermalComponent` inherits from `_CityObject`, it can be associated to a
Since `ThermalComponent` inherits from `_CityObject`, it can also be associated to a
`Construction` object (see module Construction and Material). This may be done
either inline or by means of xlinks (see example below). In this way,
`ThermalComponent` provides the physical properties of the building envelope to
......@@ -588,19 +587,17 @@ calculate the heating and cooling demand.
<energy:ThermalComponent gml:id="id_Wall_1">
<gml:description>Part of the facade of wall</gml:description>
<energy:construction xlink:href="#id_WallConstruction_1"/>
<energy:area uom="m^2">40.0</energy:area>
<energy:ThermalComponent gml:id="id_Window_1">
<gml:description>Part of the facade of windows</gml:description>
<energy:construction xlink:href="#id_WindowConstruction_1"/>
<energy:area uom="m^2">10.0</energy:area>
<energy:relates xlink:href="#opening_window_1"/>
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