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Added a PV example in XML

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......@@ -1574,6 +1574,55 @@ the technology type.
Subtype of `SolarEnergySystem` for photovoltaic systems. Defines the material
type of photovoltaic cells with a string.
The XML example below shows how to define a PV panel in a surface of a building. The Roof surface 'Roof_57' is equipped with a Photovoltaic system 'PV_1'.
<bldg:Building gml:id="Bldg-1">
<gml:Polygon gml:id="b1_p_r_57">
289.255402 140.755798 18.5
286.830322 199.945572 20.1746292
242.470306 199.945572 20.1746292
240.200317 140.755798 18.5
289.255402 140.755798 18.5
<bldg:RoofSurface gml:id="Roof_57">
<gml:surfaceMember xlink:href="#b1_p_r_57">
<energy:PhotovoltaicSystem gml:id="PV_1">
<energy:nominalEfficiency uom="ratio">0.102035273</energy:nominalEfficiency>
<energy:collectorSurface uom="m2">1843.81055</energy:collectorSurface>
<energy:panelAzimuth uom="deg">180</energy:panelAzimuth>
<energy:panelInclination uom="deg">88.3794785</energy:panelInclination>
<energy:installedOn xlink:href="#Roof_57">
# References
[WaterML ADE]: "WaterML ADE"
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