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Introduction of building example of Piergiorgio

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## Usage zones and building units
`UsageZone` and `BuildingUnit` are the two occupancy-related spatial partitions of the building, in the CityGML Energy ADE.
A mixed-use building will be modelled with several `UsageZone`. Each of this `UsageZone` may contain several `BuildingUnit`, related to the different owners of the part of the building contained inside the `UsageZone`.
The picture below represents a mixed-use building with 3 different uses : office on the first floor at the left of the main entrance, residential on the first floor in the opposite side of the building, and a public administration (post-office) covering the whole ground floor and the part of the first floor just above the main entrance. Both `UsageZone` of type office and residential have two `BuildingUnit`, corresponding to different private offices, respectively different dwellings
![3D representation of mixed-use building](fig/UsageZoneBuildingUnitExample.png)
The CityGML+Energy ADE modelling of this example is detailed below:
<!--mixed-use building example-->
<bldg:building gml:id="id_usagezone_1">
<energy:UsageZone gml:id="id_usagezone_1">
</energy:UsageZone gml:id="id_usagezone_1">
</bldg:building gml:id="id_usagezone_1">
### UsageZone
The `UsageZone` is a new object introduced in the Energy ADE to realize
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