Commit 393f9079 authored by Petar Hristov's avatar Petar Hristov 💬
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Fix: RWTH Image => Coscine Image (coscine/issues#1743)

parent b5957e2d
<div id="wrap" :style="cssProps">
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ import TOS from './components/TOS.vue';
import { CoscinePageHeader, CoscinePageFooter, CoscineNotificationBanner } from '@coscine/component-library';
import '@coscine/component-library/dist/index.css';
import coscineImageBluePath from './assets/rwth_coscine_rgb.svg';
import rwthImagePath from './assets/rwth_coscine_weiss_rgb.svg';
import coscineImagePath from './assets/rwth_coscine_weiss_rgb.svg';
import linkWhitePath from './assets/link_white.svg';
import mailGreyPath from './assets/mail_grey.svg';
import phoneGreyPath from './assets/phone_grey.svg';
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ export default Vue.extend({
bannerLink: '',
maintenanceNotices: '',
coscineImageBlue: rootUrl + coscineImageBluePath,
rwthImage: rootUrl + rwthImagePath,
coscineImage: rootUrl + coscineImagePath,
returnUrl: linkUtil.getAccountReturnUrl(),
tosReturnUrl: linkUtil.getTOSReturnUrl(),
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