Commit 8d9c9a5c authored by Marcel Nellesen's avatar Marcel Nellesen
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Merge branch 'Hotfix/865-fixLanguageKey' into 'master'

Fix: Fixed Key for the SidebarMenu

See merge request coscine/app/i18n!4
parents f49616bc e3ac0690
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ window.coscine = {
'resources': Resources.languageStrings,
'rwthmaster': RWTHMaster.languageStrings,
'search': Search.languageStrings,
'siderbarmenu': SidebarMenu.languageStrings,
'sidebarmenu': SidebarMenu.languageStrings,
'toastmessage': ToastMessage.languageStrings,
'userlist': UserList.languageStrings,
'usermanagement': UserManagement.languageStrings,
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