Commit 16c9d355 authored by C-Fu's avatar C-Fu
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Removed slots, I use lambda now

parent 11af758e
......@@ -14,37 +14,6 @@ private:
Ui::SettingsWindow* ui;
private slots:
// light off
void lightOffRValueChanged(QString value);
void lightOffRValueChanged(int value);
void lightOffGValueChanged(QString value);
void lightOffGValueChanged(int value);
void lightOffBValueChanged(QString value);
void lightOffBValueChanged(int value);
// light on
void lightOnRValueChanged(QString value);
void lightOnRValueChanged(int value);
void lightOnGValueChanged(QString value);
void lightOnGValueChanged(int value);
void lightOnBValueChanged(QString value);
void lightOnBValueChanged(int value);
// light
void lightRValueChanged(QString value);
void lightRValueChanged(int value);
void lightGValueChanged(QString value);
void lightGValueChanged(int value);
void lightBValueChanged(QString value);
void lightBValueChanged(int value);
void autoColorToggled();
void radioToggled();
\ No newline at end of file
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