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- cleanup of SolidLiquidPhase with some variable name changes for...

- cleanup of SolidLiquidPhase with some variable name changes for initialization (stoichiometry matrices, nullspace etc.)
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within ElectrolyteMedia.Media.Common.Reaction;
function calc_lambda_id
"calculates lambda with nX*nX identity matrix"
input Real[:,:] lambda;
output Real[size(lambda,1),size(lambda,2)] lambda_id;
output Integer[size(lambda,1),size(lambda,1)] P_id;
Integer nF = size(lambda,1);
Integer nX = size(lambda,2);
Real[nF,nX] LU;
Integer[nX] pivots_LAPACK;
Real[nF,nX] L;
Integer[nF,nF] P;
Real[nX,nX] Lsquare;
Real[nX,nX] LsquareT;
Real[nX,nX] LU_;
Integer[nX] pivots_LAPACK_;
Real[nX,nX] U_;
input Real[:,:] nu_id;
output Real[size(nu_id,2),size(nu_id,2)-size(nu_id,1)] lambda_id;
(LU,pivots_LAPACK) :=Modelica.Math.Matrices.LU(lambda);
L :=Media.Common.Reaction.calc_L(LU);
P :=Media.Common.Reaction.calc_P(pivots_LAPACK,nF);
Lsquare :=L[1:nX, :];
LsquareT :=transpose(Lsquare);
(LU_,pivots_LAPACK_) :=Modelica.Math.Matrices.LU(LsquareT);
U_ :=Media.Common.Reaction.calc_U(LU_);
lambda_id :=L*Modelica.Math.Matrices.inv(transpose(U_));
P_id :=P;
lambda_id :=transpose(cat(2,-transpose(nu_id[:, size(nu_id,1) + 1:size(nu_id,2)]),identity(size(nu_id,2)-size(nu_id,1))));
end calc_lambda_id;
......@@ -5,4 +5,3 @@ calc_L
within ElectrolyteMedia.Media.LiquidPhase.Common;
record LiquidInteractionDataRecord "Coefficient data record for interaction properties between aqueous solute species"
parameter Integer nLi;
parameter Integer nLi = 1;
//Bromley parameter
Real[nLi,nLi] Bromley_ij = zeros(nLi,nLi) "Bromley parameter";
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