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Assume both the architecture definition `VGG16.emadl`and the corresponding training configuration `VGG16.cnnt` are located in a folder `models` and the target code should be generated into `target` folder using `MXNet` backend. An example of a command is then:
```java -jar embedded-montiarc-emadl-generator-0.2.4-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar -m models -r VGG16 -o target -b MXNET```
You can find the EMADL2CPP jar here [link]
You can find the EMADL2CPP jar [here](doc/embedded-montiarc-emadl-generator-0.2.4-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar)
4. When the target code is generated, the corresponding trainer file (e.g. `CNNTrainer_<root_model_name>.py` in case of MXNet) can be executed.
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