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4. When the target code is generated, the corresponding trainer file (e.g. `CNNTrainer_<root_model_name>.py` in case of MXNet) can be executed.
## Development and deployment of an application for TORCS
### Required software
1. Linux. Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and 18.04 were used during testing.
2. ROS, Java runtime environment, GCC/Clang and armadillo - install using your linux distribution tools, e.g. apt in Ubuntu:
```apt-get install ros-base-dev clang openjdk-8-jre libarmadillo-dev```
4. MXNet - install using official instructions at [MXNet Website]( for CPP package
### TORCS Installation
1. Download customized TORCS distribution from the [DeepDriving page](
2. Unpack downloaded archive, navigate to the DeepDriving/torcs-1.3.6 directory
3. Compile and install by running `./configure --prefix=/opt/torcs && make -j && make install && make datainstall`
4. Remove original TORCS tracks and copy customized tracks:
```rm -rf /opt/torcs/share/games/torcs/tracks/*
&& cp -rf ../modified_tracks/* /opt/torcs/share/games/torcs/tracks/```
5. Start TORCS by running /opt/torcs/bin/torcs
Installation help can be found in the Readme file provided with the DeepDriving distribution.
### TORCS Setup
1. Run TORCS
2. Configure race
Select Race -> Quick Race -> Configure Race
Select one of the maps with the chenyi- prefix and click Accept
Remove all drivers from the Selected section on the left by selecting every driver and clicking (De)Select
Select driver chenyi on the right side and add it by clicking (De)Select
Add other drivers with the chenyi- prefix if needed
Click Accept -> Accept -> New Race
3. Use keys 1-9 and M to hide all the widgets from the screen
4. Use F2 key to switch between camera modes to select the mode when the car or it's parts are not visible
5. Use PgUp/PgDown keys to switch between cars and select chenyi - the car that does not drive on its own
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