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[simulations] new plotting of charge skymap

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......@@ -793,6 +793,35 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
plt.savefig(opath, bbox_inches='tight')
def plot_composition_skymap(self, idx=None, opath=None): # pragma: no cover
""" Plot arrival map """
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from astrotools import skymap
idx = self._select_representative_set() if idx is None else idx
ns = np.array([np.sum(['source_labels'][idx] == k) for k in range(self.universe.n_src)])
charges =['charge'][idx, :]
cmap = plt.get_cmap('jet_r', np.amax(charges))
n_scr =['inside_fraction']*
skymap.eventmap(['vecs'][:, idx, 0:int(n_scr)], c=charges[0:int(n_scr)],
cmap=cmap, cblabel='Z',
cticks=np.array([1, 2, 6, 12, 20, 26]), vmin=0.5, vmax=26.5,
s=25, alpha=0.65, marker='v')
lons, lats = coord.vec2ang(['vecs'][:, idx, int(n_scr)::])
plt.scatter(-lons, lats, c=charges[int(n_scr)::],
cmap=cmap, s=15, alpha=0.4, marker='o', vmin=0.5, vmax=26.5,)
lon_src, lat_src = coord.vec2ang(self.universe.sources[:, idx])
plt.scatter(-lon_src, lat_src, c='k', marker='*', s=2*ns)
ns = np.sort(ns)[::-1]
plt.title('Strongest sources: (%i, %i, %i)' % (ns[0], ns[1], ns[2]), fontsize=15)
if opath is None:
opath = '/tmp/arrival_charge%s__emin_%s__ecut_%s.pdf' % (self._get_charge_id(), self.energy_setting['log10e_min'],
plt.savefig(opath, bbox_inches='tight')
def plot_distance(self, opath=None, max_dist=None): # pragma: no cover
""" Plot distance histogram """
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
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