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[simulations] Separate inside_fraction keyword (refactoring)

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......@@ -525,7 +525,7 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
self.universe.set_sources(source_density, fluxes, n_src)['sources'] = self.universe.sources
def attenuate(self, library_path=PATH+'/simulation/sim__emin_19.0__emax_20.5.npz'):
def attenuate(self, library_path=PATH+'/simulation/sim__emin_19.0__emax_20.5.npz', inside_fraction=None):
Apply attenuation for far away sources based on CRPropa simulations
......@@ -534,7 +534,7 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
# Prepare the arrival and source matrix by reweighting
# Assign source allocation of cosmic rays
# Assign the arrival directions of the cosmic rays
# Assign charges and energies of the cosmic rays
......@@ -603,6 +603,8 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
# as log-space binning the width of the distance bin is increasing with distance
self.source_matrix += f * np.sum(fractions, axis=-1)[dis_bin_idx]
self.arrival_matrix += f * fractions
# Account for optional luminosity weights of sources
self.source_matrix *= coord.atleast_kd(self.universe.source_fluxes, k=self.source_matrix.ndim)
def _reweight_spectrum(self, fractions, c):
""" Internal function to reweight to desired energy spectrum and rigidity cut """
......@@ -624,20 +626,23 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
print("Warning: element with charge Z=%i is not injected with rigidity cut of" % c)
print("%s and log10e > %s" % (self.energy_setting['log10_cut'], self.energy_setting['log10e_min']))
fractions[bin_center > log10_cut, :, :, :] = 0
fractions = np.sum(fractions, axis=0) # forget about injected energies
fractions = np.sum(fractions, axis=0) # sum over injected energies to create spectrum
fractions[:, :, bin_center < self.energy_setting['log10e_min']] = 0
return fractions
def _allocate_sources(self):
""" Internal function to assign the source allocation of the signal (inside rmax) cosmic rays """
# Determine fraction of cosmic rays which come from inside rmax (signal cosmic rays)
def _get_inside_fraction(self):
""" Internal function to determine fraction of cosmic rays which come from inside rmax (signal cosmic rays) """
distance_fractions = self.arrival_matrix * coord.atleast_kd(self.dis_bins, 3)
inside_fraction = np.sum(distance_fractions[self.dis_bins <= self.universe.rmax]) / np.sum(distance_fractions)['inside_fraction'] = inside_fraction
return inside_fraction
def _allocate_sources(self, inside_fraction=None):
""" Internal function to assign the source allocation of the signal (inside rmax) cosmic rays """
if inside_fraction is None:
inside_fraction = self._get_inside_fraction()
# Sample for each set the number of CRs coming from inside and outside rmax
nsplit = np.random.multinomial(self.ncrs, [inside_fraction, 1-inside_fraction], size=self.nsets).T
self.source_matrix *= coord.atleast_kd(self.universe.source_fluxes, k=self.source_matrix.ndim)
# Assign the CRs from inside rmax to their separate sources (by index label)
source_labels = -np.ones(self.shape).astype(int)
n_max = np.max(nsplit[0])
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