Commit 72da1380 authored by Marcus Wirtz's avatar Marcus Wirtz
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[skymap] Optimize cbar behavior in scatter() function

parent 900b4a47
Pipeline #327022 canceled with stages
......@@ -43,11 +43,10 @@ def scatter(v, c=None, cblabel='log$_{10}$(Energy / eV)', opath=None, fig=None,
kwargs.setdefault('s', 8)
if 'marker' not in kwargs:
kwargs.setdefault('lw', 0)
cbar = kwargs.pop('cbar', True)
cbar = kwargs.pop('cbar', True) and isinstance(c, (list, tuple, np.ndarray))
if cbar:
finite = np.isfinite(c)
vmin = kwargs.pop('vmin', smart_round(np.min(c[finite]), upper_border=False))
vmax = kwargs.pop('vmax', smart_round(np.max(c[finite]), upper_border=True))
vmin = kwargs.pop('vmin', smart_round(np.min(c[np.isfinite(c)]), upper_border=False))
vmax = kwargs.pop('vmax', smart_round(np.max(c[np.isfinite(c)]), upper_border=True))
step = smart_round((vmax - vmin) / 5., order=1)
cticks = kwargs.pop('cticks', np.round(np.arange(vmin, vmax, step), int(np.round(-np.log10(step), 0))))
clabels = kwargs.pop('clabels', cticks)
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