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[simulations] order chargegroups always the same way for naming

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......@@ -714,7 +714,9 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
def _get_charge_id(self):
""" Return charge id of universe """
return ''.join(['__%s_%s' % (key, self.charge_weights[key]) for key in self.charge_weights])
chargegroups = ['h', 'he', 'n', 'si', 'fe']
return ''.join(['__%s_%s' % (key, self.charge_weights[key]) for key in chargegroups
if key in self.charge_weights])
def _select_representative_set(self): # pragma: no cover
""" Select a representative set in terms of anisotropies """
......@@ -908,7 +910,7 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
plt.axvline(x=self.universe.rmax, color='0.5', linestyle='dashed', label='Source shell')
plt.ylabel(r'flux / percent / %s Mpc' % bin_width, fontsize=22)
plt.ylabel(r'flux [a.u.] / %s Mpc' % bin_width, fontsize=22)
plt.xlabel('distance / Mpc', fontsize=22)
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