Commit 4f5aab9e authored by teresa.bister's avatar teresa.bister
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[skymap] small bugfix in equatorial coordinate system

parent 9ca1cbe5
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......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ def scatter(v, c=None, cblabel='log$_{10}$(Energy / eV)', opath=None, fig=None,
coord_system = kwargs.pop('coord_system', 'gal')
if coord_system == 'eq':
lons, lats = coord.gal2eq(coord.ang2vec(lons, lats))
lons, lats = coord.vec2ang(coord.gal2eq(coord.ang2vec(lons, lats)))
# mimic astronomy convention: positive longitudes evolving to the left with respect to GC
lons = -lons
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