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[skymap] Remove masking in cosmic-ray plotting to improve usage of kwargs

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......@@ -423,19 +423,14 @@ class PlotSkyPatch:
if hasattr(crs, 'type') and (crs.type == "CosmicRaysSet"):
crs = crs[set_idx]
mask = coord.angle(self.vec_0, coord.ang2vec(crs['lon'], crs['lat'])) < 2 * self.r_roi
assert np.sum(mask), "There is no cosmic ray to plot in chosen ROI!"
lon, lat = crs['lon'][mask], crs['lat'][mask]
if 'log10e' in crs.keys():
log10e = crs['log10e'][mask]
log10e = crs['log10e']
assert np.all(log10e < 25), "Input energies ('log10e' key) are too high for being plotted"
kwargs.setdefault('s', 10**(log10e - 18.))
kwargs.setdefault('c', log10e)
kwargs.setdefault('vmin', min(log10e))
kwargs.setdefault('vmax', max(log10e))
kwargs.setdefault('lw', 0)
return self.scatter(lon, lat, zorder=zorder, cmap=cmap, **kwargs)
return self.scatter(crs['lon'], crs['lat'], zorder=zorder, cmap=cmap, **kwargs)
def plot(self, lons, lats, **kwargs):
""" Replaces matplotlib.pyplot.plot() function """
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