Commit 0b2cfa0a authored by Niklas Uwe Langner's avatar Niklas Uwe Langner
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[healpytools] allow rotation_axis shape of (3,) in rotate_map

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......@@ -270,6 +270,7 @@ def rotate_map(healpy_map, rotation_axis, rotation_angle):
:param rotation_angle: rotation angle in radians, either float or array size n
:return: rotated healpy map, same shape as input healpy map or shape (n, npix)
rotation_axis = coord.atleast_kd(rotation_axis, 2)
nside, npix = hp.get_nside(healpy_map), len(healpy_map)
n_ang, n_ax = np.size(rotation_angle), np.shape(rotation_axis)[-1]
assert (n_ang == n_ax) or (np.min([n_ang, n_ax]) == 1), "Rotation axes and angles dimensions not compatible."
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