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[skymap] In heatmap, also apply fontsize to colorbar like in scatter

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......@@ -182,8 +182,8 @@ def heatmap(m, opath=None, label='entries', mask=None, maskcolor='white', **kwar
vmax=vmax, cmap=cmap, edgecolor='face', **kwargs)
cb = fig.colorbar(image, ticks=cbticks, orientation='horizontal', aspect=30, shrink=0.9, pad=0.05)
cb.set_label(label, fontsize=30)'x', direction='in', size=3, labelsize=26)
cb.set_label(label, fontsize=fontsize)'x', direction='in', size=3, labelsize=fontsize - 4)
  • Ohja... Wie gut dass dir diese ganzen plotting Sachen jetzt auffallen wo du die Masterarbeit schreibst...

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if plane is not None:
plot_plane(planecolor, coord_system, plane)
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