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1. Go to our OpenStack Dashboard, go to [Images](, select "Public" and click "Launch Instance" for "gitlab-ci-multi-runner (based on Ubuntu Docker Node)". It is recommended to choose a machine flavor with RAM at least 1024 MB. Refer to the [Cloud Services]( wiki page for more information on setting up your virtual machine in our Open Stack. This sets up an Ubuntu 14.04 environment with the official package gitlab-ci-multi-runner package preinstalled. Then ssh to the instance. (only at ACS)
2. Run `sudo gitlab-ci-multi-runner register` and use the coordinator URL and token from . Currently tested executor is shell or docker with ruby:latest (a stable solution is yet to find).
3. Refresh the runners page you already opened and see your new runner listed!
4. **Make sure to lock your specific runner from being enabled by other projects** by going to the edit page (click on the :memo: fa-edit icon) of the runner and turning on "Lock to current projects" after turning it on to all the projects you wish to enable the runner to.
### Can I use my GitLab Runner instance on our Open Stack for git servers other than the RWTH GitLab?
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