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title: Framework
description: "Modular co-simulation framework"
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<img src="../img/villas_framework.png" width="150" align="right">
# VILLASframework
VILLASframework is a suite of tools for performing distributed real-time simulations.
It is developed by the [Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems](./
## Components
VILLASframework consists of several components:
### <img src="../img/villas_node.png" width="35"> VILLASnode
VILLASnode is a flexible gateway for simulation data. It offers interfaces to simulation equipment, databases and web services.
- [Source Download]({{ site.url }}/node/src/)
- [Web Mockup]({{ site.url }}/node/socket/)
- Documentation
- [Developer]({{ site.url }}/node/doc/develop/)
### <img src="../img/villas_fpga.png" width="35"> VILLASfpga
VILLASfpga is an extension to VILLASnode for hard real-time / FPGA-supported simulation.
### <img src="../img/villas_web.png" width="35"> VILLASweb
VILLASweb is a web interface for planning, preparing, executing and analyzing distributed simulations.
### <img src="../img/villas_controller.png" width="35"> VILLAScontroller
VILLAScontroller provides a unified API for controlling simulation equipment from different vendors (e.g. OPAL-RT, RTDS, Typhon, Simulink).
## Documentation
### Slides
- [VILLASframework](../slides/RT-SuperLab-TIM3-VILLAS-v3.pdf)
(_RT-SuperLab TIM3 presentation - 30th March 2017_)
- [Co-simulation interfaces for connecting distributed real-time simulators](../slides/Co-sim_interfaces_RT16.pdf)
(_RT16 - OPAL-RT User Conference - Steffen Vogel - 7th June 2016 - Munich, Germany_)
- [VILLASfpga](../slides/VILLASfpga_Defense_Steffen_Vogel.pdf)
(_Master Thesis defense - Steffen Vogel - 20th July 2016 - Aachen, Germany_)
## Source Code
<img src="../img/logos/gitlab.png" width="120" align="right">
The source code of the framework is hosted on the [GitLab service from RWTH Aachen University](
**Note:** Access to the repositories requires a []( account.
## Docker Images
<img src="../img/logos/docker.png" width="120" align="right">
Docker images are provided via the [VILLAS Docker Hub organization](
## Copyright
2017, Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, EONERC
## Licensing
<img alt="GPLv3 logo" src="../img/logos/gplv3.png" width="120" align="right">
__VILLASnode__, __VILLASweb__ and __VILLAScontroller__ are released as open source software under the [GPLv3 license](
__VILLASfpga__ is currently closed-source due to propietary firmware components which we can not share.
Please contact [Steffen Vogel]( for details.
Other licensing options available upon request.
Please contact [Prof. Antonello Monti]( for further details.
## Contact
[![EONERC ACS Logo](../img/eonerc_logo.png)](
- Steffen Vogel [<>](
[Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS)](
[EON Energy Research Center (EONERC)](
[RWTH University Aachen, Germany](
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title: VILLASframework
author: Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems
author: Steffen Vogel
tags: software
subtitle: Released as open source software
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VILLASframework has been released as open source software under the GPLv3 license.
Details about the project can be found on a [subpage]({{ site.baseurl }}/framework/).
Details about the project can be found on its [project page](
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