Commit ebe9d230 authored by Steffen Vogel's avatar Steffen Vogel 🎅🏼
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fix invalid time unit in time.parseDuration()

parent 8255382d
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ func InitConfig() error {
s3NoSSL = flag.Bool("s3-nossl", false, "Use encrypted connections to the S3 API")
s3PathStyle = flag.Bool("s3-pathstyle", false, "Use path-style S3 API")
jwtSecret = flag.String("jwt-secret", "This should NOT be here!!@33$8&", "The JSON Web Token secret")
jwtExpiresAfter = flag.String("jwt-expires-after", "1w", "The time after which the JSON Web Token expires")
jwtExpiresAfter = flag.String("jwt-expires-after", "168h" /* 1 week */, "The time after which the JSON Web Token expires")
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