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      Merge branch 'gtnet_features' into 'develop' · fbff0ffb
      Umar Farooq authored
      Endianess setting for GTNET-SKT header
      Hi there,
      I did a bit of rework on Umar's work.
      This unveiled some more severe bugs (my faults).
      So, I am quite happy that this kind of code review helps everybody :-)
      As last time, I assign this MR to @umar.farooq. Have a look over it, and merge if you are happy.
      See merge request !8
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      Merge branch 'feature-socket-fake-header' into 'develop' · debe4c7b
      Umar Farooq authored
      Make "fake" header option for gtnet-skt mode configurable per node
      This change makes the "fake" header mode runtime-configurable for each individual node.
      We do not use the the compile-time option anymore.
      Please look at `etc/example.conf` on how to use it.
      @umar.farooq Could you do a quick review and merge this request to the develop branch?
      Just look at my changes for a second and press the green button below if you are happy :D
      See merge request !6
  9. 20 Oct, 2016 1 commit