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Add RTDS drafts for GTNET + GTSYNC setup

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Subsystem Number 1
Flag T3
Flag T0
Flag T1
Flag T2
0 100 local_used SS1 named_signal_wif 0 "POINT4" from wif 0 xrack_src_idx = -1
1 101 local_used SS1 named_signal_wif 1 "POINT3" from wif 0 xrack_src_idx = -1
2 102 local_used SS1 named_signal_wif 2 "POINT1" from wif 0 xrack_src_idx = -1
3 103 local_used SS1 named_signal_wif 3 "POINT2" from wif 0 xrack_src_idx = -1
4 104 local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 0 "SendData" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
5 105 local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 1 "txCnt" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
6 106 local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 2 "POINT5" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
7 107 local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 3 "POINT0" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
8 108 local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 4 "rxCnt" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
9 109 local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 5 "readyToSen" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
10 10A local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 6 "POINTIn0" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
11 10B local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 7 "POINTin1" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
12 10C local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 8 "POINTin2" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
13 10D local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 9 "POINTin3" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
14 10E local_unused SS1 named_signal_prc 10 "POINTin4" from ppc_main 2 xrack_src_idx = -1
POINT0 int
POINT3 int
POINT4 float
This example demonstrates UDP socket communication. Data is sent from the RTDS to a standalone java program, and the java program can send information back to the RTDS.
This is done using the SKT protocol on the GTNETx2 card.
Note: You need to install the JDK to be able to compile java files MAKE sure the path to the bin folder of the JDK
is added to the windows path variable (google to figure this out)
Note: If you want some extra information printed in the DOS window set the boolean DEBUG=true
1. Open a windows command shell and go to the Tutorial|SAMPLES|GTSKT|ExampleGUI folder.
2. Compile the .java code. Use the command below in the windows command shell
3. Run the code using the command below
4. Upon running the program, two panels will appear. The GTNET-SKT UDP Server and the GTNET-SKT UDP Client.
A file chooser box can be used to request the file name that defines the name and type of the received data or type of data to send.
Browse to the file named received.txt in the Tutorial|SAMPLES|GTSKT folder. The table will be filled with data from the file or the user can add/delete items from the table
5. Press the Start button in the GUI
A message will be displayed in the Messages Text area
Server socket created. Waiting for incoming data ...
6. A file chooser box can be used to request the file name that defines the name and type of type of data to send. To manually add points press
the Add button in the GTNET-SKT UDP Client panel and add 2 points, change the type of point 0 to "int"
7. Press the Send button in the GUI and the UDP packet will be sent to the GTNET-SKT UDP Server panel.
TO use the GTNET-SKT the user must change the Remote Server Settings IP Address and Port in the GTNET-SKT UDP Client panel so the program will send the UDP packet to the GTNET
8. Open the Draft case, edit the GTNET-SKT component, go to the Remote IP Configuration tab and change the Remote IP address to the IP address of your PC.
9. Compile the Draft case, ensure to change the allocation of the component to the proper RTDS processor and GTIO port based on your hardware configuration.
10. Run the simulation.
11. Press the Send button in the simulation, the value on the Point slider is sent to the java program and will appear in the GTNET-SKT UDP server panel.
12. Press the Send button in the GUI and the UDP packet will be sent to the simulation and is displayed in the meters POINTIn0 and POINTin1.
\ No newline at end of file
"C:\RSCAD\BIN\rtdspc.exe" -PP -PSCAD_MASTER "C:\RSCAD" -PSCAD_USER "U:\ACS-Public\35_msv\15_msv-ufa\RSCAD_workspace" -PSCAD_PATH "C:\RSCAD\BIN" -CONFIG_FILE "C:\RSCAD\HDWR\config_file_02.txt" -case "U:\ACS-Public\35_msv\15_msv-ufa\RSCAD_workspace\fileman\GTNET_UDP_tests\GTSKT_tutorial\GTSKT\Standard_2pt_udp_loopback_gtsync\gtnet_skt_2point_udp" -rack 7 -verbose -Options "C:\RSCAD\BIN\..\.\BIN\bat.options"
\ No newline at end of file
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