Commit 62b4f580 authored by Steffen Vogel's avatar Steffen Vogel 🎅🏼

cmake: add option for enabling Lua support

parent c00ff67c
......@@ -235,6 +235,7 @@ add_feature_info(TESTS WITH_TESTS "Run tests")
add_feature_info(PLUGINS WITH_PLUGINS "Build plugins")
add_feature_info(CLIENTS WITH_CLIENTS "Build client applications")
add_feature_info(GRAPHVIZ WITH_GRAPHVIZ "Build with Graphviz support")
add_feature_info(LUA WITH_LUA "Build with Lua support")
add_feature_info(DOC WITH_DOC "Build documentation")
add_feature_info(NODE_AMQP WITH_NODE_AMQP "Build with amqp node-type")
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