Commit 8545eae8 authored by z4yx's avatar z4yx
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bug fix

parent be8bb754
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ COPY ${VIVADO_INSTALL_FILE} /
RUN mkdir /install_vivado && \
tar -xf ${VIVADO_TAR_FILE} -C /install_vivado && \
/install_vivado/*/xsetup --agree 3rdPartyEULA,WebTalkTerms,XilinxEULA --batch Install --config /install_config.txt && \
rm -rf /install_vivado
rm -rf /${VIVADO_INSTALL_FILE} /install_config.txt /install_vivado
#make a Vivado user
RUN adduser --disabled-password --gecos '' vivado
......@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@ RUN echo "vivado ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
USER vivado
WORKDIR /home/vivado
ENV HOME /home/vivado
#add vivado tools to path
RUN echo "source /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/${VIVADO_VERSION}/" >> /home/vivado/.bashrc
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