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Fix dpkg warnings on install petalinux package

Using -i option on sudo, then home directory will be change when execute install binary.
parent e2c28cf0
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ RUN chmod a+rx /${PETA_RUN_FILE} && \
mkdir -p /opt/Xilinx && \
chmod 777 /tmp /opt/Xilinx && \
cd /tmp && \
sudo -u vivado /accept-eula.sh /${PETA_RUN_FILE} /opt/Xilinx/petalinux && \
sudo -u vivado -i /accept-eula.sh /${PETA_RUN_FILE} /opt/Xilinx/petalinux && \
rm -f /${PETA_RUN_FILE} /accept-eula.sh
# make /bin/sh symlink to bash instead of dash:
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