Commit 98cf7227 authored by Daniel Krebs's avatar Daniel Krebs
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rtds2gpu: update status register before dump

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......@@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ void Rtds2Gpu::dump(spdlog::level::level_enum logLevel)
const auto doorbell_offset = XRtds2gpu_Get_doorbell_offset(&xInstance);
const auto frame_size = XRtds2gpu_Get_frame_size(&xInstance);
if(not updateStatus()) {
logger->warn("Couldn't read status register (not ready), values may be wrong");
logger->log(logLevel, "Rtds2Gpu registers (IP base {:#x}):", xInstance.Ctrl_BaseAddress);
logger->log(logLevel, " Base address (bytes): {:#x}", baseaddr);
logger->log(logLevel, " Doorbell offset (bytes): {:#x}", doorbell_offset);
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