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node: add connect() with reverse path

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......@@ -105,10 +105,23 @@ public:
getSlavePort(const std::string &name) const
{ return *; }
bool connect(const StreamVertex &from, const StreamVertex &to);
bool connect(const StreamVertex &from, const StreamVertex &to, bool reverse)
bool ret;
ret = connect(from, to);
if (reverse)
ret &= connect(to, from);
return ret;
// easy-usage assuming that the slave IP to connect to only has one slave
// port and implements the getDefaultSlavePort() function
bool connect(const Node& slaveNode)
{ return this->connect(this->getDefaultMasterPort(), slaveNode.getDefaultSlavePort()); }
bool connect(const Node &slaveNode, bool reverse = false)
{ return this->connect(this->getDefaultMasterPort(), slaveNode.getDefaultSlavePort(), reverse); }
// used by easy-usage connect, will throw if not implemented by derived node
virtual const StreamVertex&
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