Commit b908bfdb authored by Daniel Krebs's avatar Daniel Krebs

hwdef-parse: populate all memory ranges based on name

This used to overwrite earlier memory ranges because the same was
used ('baseaddr', 'highaddr'). Now, deduce name from BASENAME and
remove prefix `C_`.
parent d5478134
......@@ -157,8 +157,11 @@ for mrange in mmap:
instance = mrange.get('INSTANCE')
if instance in ips:
ips[instance]['baseaddr'] = int(mrange.get('BASEVALUE'), 16);
ips[instance]['highaddr'] = int(mrange.get('HIGHVALUE'), 16);
base_name = remove_prefix(mrange.get('BASENAME'), 'C_').lower()
high_name = remove_prefix(mrange.get('HIGHNAME'), 'C_').lower()
ips[instance][base_name] = int(mrange.get('BASEVALUE'), 16);
ips[instance][high_name] = int(mrange.get('HIGHVALUE'), 16);
# find AXI-Stream switch port mapping
switch = root.find('.//MODULE[@MODTYPE="axis_switch"]')
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