Commit 04b9f120 authored by Eric Kidd's avatar Eric Kidd
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Generalize runtime building support

parent 303b9175
......@@ -14,12 +14,6 @@ assembly_source_files := $(wildcard src/arch/$(arch)/*.asm)
assembly_object_files := $(patsubst src/arch/$(arch)/%.asm, \
build/arch/$(arch)/%.o, $(assembly_source_files))
libcore_nofp_patch := build/libcore_nofp.patch
libcore_nofp_url := \
installed_target_libs := \
.PHONY: all fmt clean run debug iso cargo
all: $(kernel)
......@@ -65,14 +59,29 @@ build/arch/$(arch)/%.o: src/arch/$(arch)/%.asm $(assembly_header_files)
# Building the Rust runtime for our bare-metal target
libcore_nofp_patch := build/libcore_nofp.patch
libcore_nofp_url := \
installed_target_libs := \
runtime_rlibs := \
$(installed_target_libs)/libcore.rlib \
$(installed_target_libs)/liballoc.rlib \
$(installed_target_libs)/librustc_unicode.rlib \
RUSTC := \
rustc --verbose --target $(target) \
-Z no-landing-pads \
--cfg disable_float \
--out-dir $(installed_target_libs)
.PHONY: runtime patch core alloc rustc_unicode collections
.PHONY: runtime
runtime: core alloc rustc_unicode collections
runtime: $(runtime_rlibs)
patch: $(libcore_nofp_patch)
@echo Patching libcore to remove floating point.
......@@ -83,22 +92,9 @@ $(libcore_nofp_patch):
@mkdir -p $(shell dirname $(libcore_nofp_patch))
@curl -o $(libcore_nofp_patch) $(libcore_nofp_url)
@echo RUSTC libcore
@mkdir -p $(installed_target_libs)
@$(RUSTC) --cfg disable_float rust/src/libcore/
@echo RUSTC liballoc
@mkdir -p $(installed_target_libs)
@$(RUSTC) rust/src/liballoc/
@echo RUSTC librustc_unicode
@mkdir -p $(installed_target_libs)
@$(RUSTC) rust/src/librustc_unicode/
@echo RUSTC libcollections
@mkdir -p $(installed_target_libs)
@$(RUSTC) rust/src/libcollections/
$(installed_target_libs)/%.rlib: rust/src/%/ $(installed_target_libs)
@echo RUSTC $<
@$(RUSTC) $<
......@@ -33,12 +33,12 @@ git clone
(cd rust && git checkout 2e07996a9)
Now you can try to patch `libcore` and install it where `rustc` and `cargo`
will find it:
Now you can try to patch `libcore` and install a set of basic runtime
libraries where `rustc` and `cargo` will find them:
make patch
make core
make runtime
You may need to manually fix the `libcore` build to hide any new `f32` or
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