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# TGGS Special Block Lecture about Smart Grid Technology
by the [Intitute for Automation of Complex Power Systems](
## Login to Remote Desktop Server
**Remote Desktop Connection** to
- Server IP: ``
- **Username and password** will be provided by the **course instructor**
## Introduction to Modelica with OMNotebook
**Short HOWTO:**<br>
Under Windows, in the search box on the taskbar, type *Remote Desktop Connection*, and then select *Remote Desktop Connection*.<br>
In Remote Desktop Connection, type the Server's IP `` and then select *Connect*.
1. Double click on the Home folder icon
2. Navigate to the folder `gits/tggs/omnotebook_exercise`
3. Double click on `rlc - Student.onb`
4. Now, you can start completing the OMNotebook.
## Open Instructions on Server
After logging in as described above, open the instructions with
mousepad ~/gits/tggs/
**Note**: Each model must be initialized by executing each cell with `shift+enter`
## Grid Modeling and Simulation - CIMverter, ModPowerSystems and OMEdit
Note: You can copy the commands with `ctrl+C` and paste them in the terminal with `ctrl+shift+V`
**Note**: You can copy the commands with `ctrl+C` and paste them in the terminal with `ctrl+shift+V`
## CIMverter usage
Double click on Terminal icon and enter
### CIMverter usage
Open a new Terminal and enter
cd ~/gits/CIMverter/build/bin
to change into the proper directory of the [CIMverter](
Then enter following command for the conversion of a sample grid in CIM to a Modelica system model file called ``:
./CIMverter -a ../../samples/CIGRE_MV_Rudion_With_LoadFlow_Results/ -o CIGRE
This CIGRE grid can be simulated by [OpenModelica]( based on the [ModPowerSystems]( library:
## Simulation with OpenModelica
### Simulation with OpenModelica
For simulating the generated `` grid:
1. Double click the `OMEdit` icon on the desktop
2. Choose `File -> Open Model/Library File(s)` from the menu
......@@ -42,25 +38,25 @@ For simulating the generated `` grid:
7. Execute the simulation by choosing `Simulation -> Simulate` from the menu
## Further Insights
### Further Insights
You can have a look into the CIM data with
cd ~/gits/CIMverter/samples/CIGRE_MV_Rudion_With_LoadFlow_Results/
mousepad Rootnet_FULL_NE_24J13h_EQ.xml
To see the templates which the CIMverter applies to obtain ModPowerSystems compatible models, go to
cd ~/gits/CIMverter/ModPowerSystems_templates/
You can view the system model template with
mousepad modelica.tpl
and a exemplary component model template with
mousepad Transformer.tpl
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